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Hello, I’m Maiko Steeman.
C++ Game Developer

I study at Breda University, a university in the Netherlands. I like cool tech and want to become an Engine Programmer. Take a look at my Github.

Looking for an Internship starting September 2020

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Year 2, Block A
DX12 Graphics Programmer
Space game
Year 2, Block C+D
DX12 Graphics / Engine Programmer
Year 3
Engine Programmer


I have made many games in big teams up to 25 people and am confortable working in cross discipline teams

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This project was a 4 month long project where we made a networked cross platform card game engine and game in a big cross-disciplinary team.

Duration: 2 months (Engine) + 2 months (Game)
Engine: Custom Engine (Tomorrow Engine)
Technologies: C++ HLSL PSSL Lua
Platform(s): Windows Playstation 4

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Spellbound Spire

Spellbound Spire

This is a VR game with non-euclidean elements. It was made in a big team throughout a year. (Currently Ongoing)

Duration: 4 months (ongoing)
Engine: Unity Unity
Technologies: C# Unity ShaderLab C++
Platform(s): Windows SteamVR Oculus VR

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Attack of the Capitalist Computators

This project was made in 2 weeks. It is a procedurally generated survival shooter we made with rapid prototyping.

Duration: 2 weeks
Engine: Unreal Engine 4 Unreal Engine 4
Technologies: Unreal Engine 4 Blueprints
Platform(s): Windows

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Attack of the Capitalist Computators
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Who am I?

I am a passionate game programmer well versed in many programming languages. For my projects I have mostly used C++ and C#.
I want to become a game engine programmer which is why I am focusing on backend systems and the low-level languages.
I am a team player. I am comfortable in teams and have worked in multiple teams of >20 people.
I always try to learn new things, whether that is new engines, languages or techniques. I went to multiple C++ conferences to learn more about the language.

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